Self-care worksheet for students

On this page, we will provide you with a self-care worksheet for students that will help you learn more about self care and self care activities.

What is the Self care worksheet for students about?

Chances are, you already have heard the term self care. While some tend to associate it with self indulgence or selfishness. This cannot be any further from the truth since self care is the process of intentionally engaging in strategies that promote healthy functioning while improving mental and physical health. Simple self care strategies involve good nutrition, getting sufficient sleep and seeking medical care when needed. In simpler terms, self care is taking care of the mind’s and body’s basic needs. Self care is considered to be of utmost importance and should therefore never be neglected since it helps to prevent diseases, maintain good health and cope with ailments as well as disabilities with or without the help of health care providers. On this worksheet you will learn more about self-care including its benefits and self-care activities that you can do.

How will the Self-care worksheet for students help?

The self-care worksheet will educate you on why self-care is important. You will also learn about the benefits you stand to gain if you engage in self-care activities and which self-care activities are suitable for you as a student.

Instructions on how to use the Self-care worksheet for students

Read all about self-care, its benefits and the self care activities you can partake in on the worksheet provided for you.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a self-care worksheet for students that we hope helped you to appreciate the need for self-care as well as learn about self-care activities.

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