Positive Thinking for adults version 2

On this page, we will provide you with a positive thinking worksheet for adults that will help you develop positive thinking and benefit from it.

What is the Positive Thinking worksheet for adults about?

What is positive thinking? Positive thinking is like a pair of glasses that allow you to see the good even in any given situation. Positive thinking can also be described as adopting an optimistic attitude even in the face of unpleasant situations. Positive thinking however does not disregard unpleasant situations but allows you to think of the best possible outcome instead of the worst. Positive thinking can be considered to be a part of positive self-talk since these are unspoken thoughts that run through your mind. Through research, mental health professionals have realized that there are many benefits associated with positive thinking which include reduced stress, healthy levels of self-esteem, improved immune system, reduced risk of getting depression and increased life span. To help you gain such benefits, we have prepared a positive thinking worksheet specifically for adults that will help you learn how to practise and make positive thinking a part of your lifestyle.

How will the Positive thinking worksheet for adults help?

To begin with, the positive thinking worksheet will help you identify your current type of thinking. That is negative or positive. It will also guide you on how to reconstruct negative thinking and cognitions to develop positive thinking and finally how to sustain positive thinking.

Instructions on how to use the Positive thinking worksheet for adults

Read all about positive thinking and attempt any exercise provided.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a positive thinking worksheet for adults that we hope helped you develop positive thinking and reap its rich benefits.

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