Positive Self talk worksheet: positive self talk worksheet version 2

On this page, we will provide you with a positive talk worksheet: positive self talk worksheet that will help you learn about how to use positive talk to influence positive self-talk.

What is the Positive Self talk worksheet: positive talk worksheet about?

Have you ever told yourself words such as “it only gets better with time,”, “I will do better next time,” “I can make it!” or any other affirmative words? If yes, then you are no stranger to positive self-talk. So what exactly is positive self-talk? Positive self-talk is one of the two types of self-talk with the other being negative self-talk. Self-talk can be described as the inner monologue (that consists of a combination of conscious thoughts, beliefs and biases) that you have with yourself throughout the day. You may not be aware of it but you are certainly doing it. Positive self-talk is therefore a positive, affirmative inner monologue that boosts self-esteem and confidence. Research has proven that positive self-talk has several benefits to offer including, an improved immune system, increased productivity, less stress and anxiety. The purpose of this worksheet is to help you learn how you can use positive talk for your own benefit.

How will the Positive Self-talk worksheet: positive talk worksheet help?

This positive self-talk worksheet will help you with a positive affirmation exercise. In this exercise, you will explore different positive statements. You will use these positive statements to replace the negative thoughts that come to your mind. 

Instructions on how to use the Positive Self-talk worksheet: positive thinking worksheet.

To use this worksheet, fill in the tables below with positive affirmation statements. On the second table, identify negative thoughts you had during the day and use the positive affirmation statements to replace the negative thoughts.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a positive self-talk worksheet that we hope helped you learn more about positive thinking and how you can use it to influence positive self-talk.

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