Negative self talk worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a negative self-talk worksheet that will help you learn about the negative consequences of negative self talk on your mental and physical health.

What is the Negative Self talk worksheet about?

Have you ever noticed yourself having a monologue in your mind? Have you ever told yourself words such as “I am going to fail,” or “it is going to be a bad day” despite having no evidence for your assumptions? If the answer is yes then you are no stranger to negative self talk. In light of the information above, we can describe negative self-talk as an inner monologue that consists of negative thoughts, beliefs and biases. It is also important to note that negative self-talk takes place in your mind whether you are aware of it or not and can cause significant damage to the wellbeing of your mental health. Conclusive research by clinical psychologists and other mental health experts reveal that negative self-talk can increase the risk of falling into depression, cause acute stress and trigger anxiety disorders.

How will the Negative Self talk worksheet help?

The negative self-talk worksheet will educate you about negative self-talk and the negative consequences on our mental, social and physical health that follow when we engage in negative self.

Instructions on how to use the Negative Self-talk worksheet

Read all about the consequences of negative self talk on the worksheet provided for you.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a negative self-talk worksheet that we hope helped you learn more about this type of self-talk and its effects on mental health. 

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