Narrative Therapy Worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a narrative therapy worksheet that will help you learn the key elements/aspects of narrative therapy that clients should expect from this type of therapy.

What is the Narrative therapy worksheet about?

Narrative therapy is a humanistic therapeutic approach developed by New Zealand-based therapists Michael White and David Epston. It is based on the principle that human beings are the experts in their own lives and that our personal experiences become our personal stories, hence the name narrative therapy. According to Narrative therapy, our personal stories shape how we see ourselves and the world around us. These stories have the power to improve or cause problems in our lives. The main purpose of narrative therapy is to provide a non-judgemental therapeutic environment. Such an environment enables people to take control of their own lives by identifying alternative stories, widening their self-perception and changing problematic beliefs. It is an effective therapeutic process that can be used to treat anxiety, grief, eating disorders and interpersonal issues. 

How will the Narrative therapy worksheet help?

The narrative therapy worksheet will help you to understand the fundamentals that make up the therapeutic process. This knowledge will be important so that you can understand what to expect when you choose narrative theory as your therapeutic process of choice.

Instructions on how to use the Narrative therapy worksheet 

Take time and read the key principles of narrative therapy so that you can understand what it entails.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a narrative theory worksheet that we hope assisted you to learn what narrative therapy is all about.

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