Mental Health triggers worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a mental health triggers worksheet that will help you identify triggers for poor mental health.

What is the Mental Health triggers worksheet about?

Like physical health, mental health comprises various components. These include cognitive health (the ability to reason, learn and remember), emotional health (the ability to process and control thoughts and feelings), and behavioural health (the ability to control how we react to emotional and cognitive cues). Mental health can therefore be described as the cognitive, emotional and behavioural well-being that allows people to realise their own abilities, cope with stress, work productively and make a lasting contribution to society. To maintain good levels of mental health, we must learn how to spot and cope with triggers that can cause psychological distress such as anxiety, stress or depression. On this worksheet, we will provide you with a list of triggers that can affect the levels of your mental health.

How will the Mental health triggers worksheet help?

This mental health triggers worksheet will help you identify things, places, people, activities, situations and feelings that can evoke an unwanted response (otherwise known as triggers). Knowledge of this factors will promote self-awareness which is essential for good mental health

Instructions on how to use the Mental Health triggers worksheet

On this worksheet, we have provided you with a trigger exploration worksheet. Fill in the boxes according to the categories: people, places, situations,activities, feelings and things.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a mental health triggers worksheet that we hope helped you. 

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