Mental Health motivation worksheet version 2

On this page, we will provide you with a mental health motivation worksheet that will help you learn more about motivation.

What is the Mental Health motivation worksheet about?

As important as physical health is mental health. In fact, without good mental health, human beings would never have attained half of what they have achieved today. This is because mental health controls key life aspects such as thinking and reasoning, feeling and behaving. It goes with little saying that these are very crucial aspects of human lives. A key element of mental health that we ought to pay attention to is motivation. This is because motivation provides us with a desire to not only carry out tasks but also do them competently and effectively, especially at work or school. Research has proved that for an individual to attain the best results possible, he or she must not only have sufficient knowledge about the task but also have healthy levels of confidence. To maintain healthy levels of confidence, we have prepared for you a motivation worksheet that will inform you more about motivation and its types.

How will the Mental Health motivation worksheet help?

This mental health motivation worksheet will provide you with a motivation exploration exercise to help you learn and identify the types of motivation and their descriptions. This information will help you identify your dominant motivation type.

Instructions on how to use the Mental Health motivation worksheet.

Read about the types of motivation and their descriptions. Once you have understood how they work, place a tick on the one you feel as your dominant source of motivation.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a motivation worksheet that we hope helped you learn more about motivation.

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