Mental Health coloring worksheet version 2

On this page, we will provide you with a mental health coloring worksheet that will help you express yourself and cope with difficult feelings  through the art of coloring.

What is the Mental Health coloring worksheet about?

As important as physical health is mental health. In fact, without good mental health, human beings would never have attained half of what they have achieved today. This is because mental health controls key life aspects such as thinking and reasoning, feeling and behaving. It goes with little saying that these are very crucial aspects of human lives. For this reason, it is important for us to give mental health as much importance as physical health lest psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders destabilize our lives. Among the most effective ways of maintaining good mental health is the expression of emotions. This can be achieved through a couple of ways, among them coloring. The use of different shades and color patterns can be used to communicate a variety of feelings. Coloring is an effective tool for child therapy but can also be used by adults.

How will the Mental Health coloring worksheet help?

The mental health coloring worksheet is meant to help both children and adults express feelings and intense emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, among many others. Coloring can also be used as a coping method for intense feelings such as anger and stress.

Instructions on how to use the Mental Health coloring worksheet

Bring along your set of colors, pens and pencils and put your creativity on show by completing and coloring the worksheet provided for you.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a mental health coloring worksheet that we hope helped you to express in an alternative way.

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