Gratitude Exercise worksheet


On this page, we will provide you with a gratitude worksheet that will help you to explore the things you are grateful for.

What is a Gratitude Exercise Worksheet about?

Gratitude is described as the virtue of being grateful or thankful. It also means appreciating the good or the positives in our lives. Gratefulness helps us to view situations and events from a positive perspective while acknowledging the difficulties in life. It boosts our confidence and our self-esteem and results in happiness. Being grateful helps keep negative emotions such as anxiety, depressed thoughts and anger at bay and, therefore, promotes good mental health. This worksheet has been designed with the purpose of helping you to explore the areas in life that you can be grateful for.

How will the Gratitude Exercise Worksheet help?

Focusing on the negative aspects of life can lead to mental problems such as depression, acute anxiety, and anger. The exact opposite can be said about being thankful for the positives in life. Being thankful can result in a better mood, boost your self- esteem and help you avoid mental problems. This worksheet will help you reap all the benefits of being grateful.

Instructions on how to use the Gratitude Exercise Worksheet.

Read the instructions on how to go about the Gratitude Exercise at the beginning of the worksheet page.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a Gratitude Exercise Worksheet that we hope helped you to figure out the areas to be grateful for in life.

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