On this page, we shall provide you with an eating disorder CBT worksheet to help you overcome negative thoughts and behaviours related to eating disorders..

What is an eating disorder CBT worksheet?

Eating disorders are psychological disorders that are characterized by severe and persistent disturbances in eating habits. Disordered eating then leads to distressing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that affect social, emotional, physical, and psychological functioning. An eating disorder CBT worksheet will help in identifying negative thoughts associated with disordered eating, challenge them and replace them with positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

How will an eating disorder CBT worksheet help?

The CBT worksheet will help you manage eating disorder behaviour by using a CBT thought challenging worksheet. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you learn about the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  Changing your thoughts will help you influence healthy behavior.

Instructions on how to use the eating disorder CBT worksheet

To use this worksheet, answer the questions on each category to complete the CBT thought challenging worksheet.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an eating disorder CBT worksheet that we hope helped you manage thoughts and behaviors related to eating disorders.

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