Coping Skills Worksheets for substance abuse

On this page, we will provide you with a Coping Skills Worksheet for Substance Abuse that will help you ‌cope with the urge to engage in substance use by identifying your triggers and warning signs so that you are able to catch them before a relapse happens.

What is the Coping Skills Worksheet for Substance Abuse.

Sustaining sobriety is easier said than done. From time to time, a reforming patient will be faced with the urge to use. This can be triggered by the sight or thoughts about the fun times he or she had. Urges can also be triggered by being exposed to the places visited and the people involved in substance use. To manage substance use urges, we, therefore, need to be thoroughly equipped with coping skills that we can use during times when our resolve is tested beyond our limits.

How will the Coping skills Worksheet for Substance Abuse help?

The coping skills for substance abuse will help recovering patients to learn a number of ways they can cope with urges related to alcohol and substance use so that they can sustain sobriety. The first step is in identifying the triggers and warning signs of a relapse.

Instructions on how to use Coping Skills Worksheet for Substance Abuse.

Write down the triggers of your substance abuse disorder i.e, people, places, situations, and things. Write down the warning signs of your addiction so that you are able to catch them before they become a full-blown relapse.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a coping skills worksheet for substance abuse that we hope assisted you to learn a couple of techniques you can use when faced with the urge to indulge in substance abuse.

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