Cognitive Therapy for depression worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a cognitive therapy for depression worksheet that will help you manage the symptoms of depression.

What is the Cognitive Therapy for depression about?

Cognitive therapy is a short-term therapeutic approach used to treat psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. It emphasises that our ability to think, reason, and recall affects our emotions. Cognitive therapy, unlike other therapeutic approaches, focuses on the here and now instead of the past. During cognitive therapy sessions, a therapist helps the client to identify maladaptive (harmful) patterns of thinking, reasoning and behaviour that cause harmful effects, such as depression and anxiety. This worksheet will therefore assist you in identifying any thinking biases that are causing you depression, rectify them and change how you think so that you can reduce the symptoms of depression.

How will the Cognitive Therapy worksheet help?

Cognitive therapy is more action-based compared to other approaches that are theory-based. The cognitive therapy worksheet will therefore provide you with a framework to identify negative and irrational patterns of thinking causing depression, rectify them and change the way you think. You will use the exercises on this worksheet as homework for your sessions so that you can gain confidence in dealing with depressive thoughts.

Instructions on how to use the Cognitive Therapy worksheet.

To use the worksheet, fill in the table with the information asked on each column.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a cognitive therapy worksheet that we hope helped you gain independence in dealing with depression.

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