Client Centered therapy worksheet

On the page, we will provide you with a client centered therapy worksheet that will help you trust your innate resources to resolve problems..

What is the Client Centered therapy worksheet about?

Client Centered Therapy, referred to as CCT, is a type of talk therapy that was founded by psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1940s who believed that people are the best experts on their own lives and experiences. Therefore, Client centered therapy is a non-directive (therapist does not provide clear cut directions but relies on the client’s ability to guide him or herself to change) that is based on the following principles: congruence and genuineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard (non-judgemental attitude). These principles create a conducive environment for clients to work on and improve their beliefs and thoughts about self and the world around them. CCT can be used in treating mental distress such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders and post-traumatic disorders.

How will the Client Centered therapy worksheet help?

This client centered therapy worksheet will help you learn to trust the resources within you to resolve personal problems. On this worksheet, we will use past experiences to resolve current problems.

Instructions on how to use the Client Centered therapy worksheet

To use this worksheet, answer the questions to complete the client-centered therapy exercise.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a client centered therapy worksheet that we hope assisted you learn more about client centered therapy. 

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