Challenging Negative self talk worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a Challenging Negative Self Talk Worksheet that will help you ‌ challenge and overcome negative self-talk.

What is the Challenging Negative Self Talk Worksheet about?

Human beings have the wonderful capacity to have an inner monologue. It helps us to explore our thoughts, ponder on our decisions and feelings and determine how we act towards ourselves and others. Positive self-talk can encourage us when we are facing difficult situations, motivate us to achieve our goals, and provide us with the confidence required to go through life. The opposite can be said about negative self-talk. It can lower our self-esteem, exaggerate difficult situations, demoralize us, and can cause anxiety, stress, and depression.

How will the Challenging Negative Self Talk Worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you ‌identify and challenge your negative self-talk tendencies that lead to impaired functioning. It will help you ‌see them for what they are: negative and unhelpful. To do this, we will provide you with a CBT thought challenging technique which will help you with a couple of questions you can use to challenge negative self-talk.

Instructions on how to use the Challenging Negative Self Talk Worksheet

Explore the negative monologue you have with yourself and use the table provided to challenge them.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a challenging negative self-talk worksheet that we hope helped to challenge and eliminate negative self-talk in your life.

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