Challenging Cognitive distortions worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a challenging cognitive distortions worksheet that will help you to learn about cognitive distortions and rectify them.

What is the Challenging Cognitive Distortions Worksheet about?

Cognitive distortions are considered to be negatively biased and exaggerated thought patterns that can affect how we feel or behave. When cognitive distortions are left unchecked, they can cause stress, anxiety, anger, or even depression. In summary, cognitive distortions can severely affect our normal day-to-day functioning. It is, therefore, important for you and me to learn our cognitive distortions and challenge them so that we can lead a better quality of life.

How will the Challenging Cognitive Distortions Worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you ‌ explore your negative, irrational and exaggerated patterns of things that are causing you distress and causing significant impairment in the way you function. It will also help you ‌ challenge them so that you can see them for what they are: irrational.

Instructions on how to use the Challenging Cognitive distortions Worksheet

Take a moment and think about any irrational thought patterns you may have and use the process provided for you to challenge cognitive distortions.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a challenging cognitive distortions worksheet that will help you ‌determine your cognitive distortions and challenges.

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