CBT Gratitude worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a CBT gratitude worksheet that will help you to express gratitude in various aspects of your life.

What is a CBT Gratitude worksheet about?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective psycho-social intervention that has been used to treat a variety of psychological problems, including anxiety and depression. Its primary aim is to identify the relationship between harmful ways of thinking, unhelpful learned behaviour, and how they cause psychological problems. CBT also emphasises on the need to learn effective coping skills that can be used to manage psychological problems. Gratitude is among the CBT techniques used to help clients manage psychological problems and symptoms of mental disorders. This is because gratitude is known to release feel-good hormones that positively impact our thoughts and consequently promote healthy behaviour.

How will the CBT Gratitude worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you to use gratitude as a means of coping with stress, anxiety and low mood. This is achieved by the positive feelings induced by gratitude, which can positively affect your thoughts and consequently, your behaviour. 

Instructions on how to use the CBT Gratitude worksheet.

Make entries in the gratitude journal and attempt the exercise provided by answering each question in detail about what you are grateful for.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a CBT gratitude worksheet. We hope it helped you to use gratitude as a coping skill to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

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