Bulimia Therapy worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with a bulimia therapy worksheet that will help you manage your bulimia related behaviour through cognitive behavioural therapy (using your thoughts to influence healthy behaviour).

What is the Bulimia Therapy worksheet about?

Bulimia is an eating disorder characterised by eating large amounts of food over a short period of time and later using steps to get rid of the food through purging, fasting or excessive exercising because of image and weight preoccupations. Bulimia is considered to be a life-threatening mental disorder, since purging and other weight reduction procedures deny the body the necessary nutrients to sustain it. This worksheet will help you to learn how your thoughts influence your bulimic behaviour and how you can use alternative thoughts to foster healthy behaviour.

How will the Bulimia Therapy worksheet help?

The bulimia therapy worksheet will help cope with bulimic behaviour. This will be achieved through using a cognitive behavioural therapy thought challenging exercise to challenge bulimia related thoughts, which are the driving force behind bulimic behaviour. 

Instructions on how to use the Bulimia Therapy worksheet.

To use this worksheet, fill in the table as guided by the prompts on each column to challange your bulimic thoughts .

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a bulimia therapy worksheet. We hope it helped you understand more about bulimia and its negative effects.

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