Assessing your Stage of change worksheet


On this page, we will provide you with an assessing your stage of change worksheet that will help you evaluate changes in your life and the stage of change that you are in.

What is Assessing your stage of change worksheet about?

Making changes in your life is not a simple process. We have seen this from the many times we have created new year’s resolutions and how difficult it gets to follow through with them. Behaviour change, including positive change, is a process that needs time and commitment. 

How does Assessing your stage of change worksheet help?

Different methods work differently for each person. Change requires a trial-and-error method for you to find a solution that works for you. Many people give up and get discouraged when one method does not yield results. Psychologists have come up with five stages of change that help you transit gradually even when there are relapses. This worksheet will help you identify the five stages of change and how you can use them to track your process of change.

Instructions on how to use the assessing your stage of change worksheet

Read the following stages of change so that you can assess yourself.


We have provided you with an assessing your stage of change worksheet. We hope that it will help you keep track of which stage you are in and help you keep focused and not give up.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. 

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