Assertiveness Therapy worksheet


On this page, we will provide you with an assertive therapy worksheet that will help you learn effective assertive communication techniques in communication.

What is the Assertive therapy worksheet about?

Assertive communication is a communication style that allows you to verbally express your feelings, thoughts and opinions directly while still respecting other people’s opinions. It is a learnt skill where you are able to communicate clearly without hurting other people’s feelings. This worksheet will help you learn ways of communicating in a non-aggressive way without violating other people’s rights.

How will the Assertiveness therapy worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you learn the three C’s of assertive communication. This method will help you handle a situation well, pass clear and easy messages, and deliver information in a calm and controlled manner.

Instructions on how to use the Assertiveness therapy worksheet

Read the following tips to understand how to use the three Cs of assertive communication.

You can download this worksheet here.


We have provided you with an assertiveness therapy worksheet. We hope that the tips given will help you communicate effectively without conflicting or hurting the other person’s feelings.

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