Assertive Communication worksheet


On this page, we will provide you with an assertive communication worksheet that will help you learn important tips when communicating with other people.

What is an Assertive communication worksheet about?

Assertive communication is a communication style where you stand up for your own beliefs, values and needs while still respecting the other persons’ needs and opinions. A person who is assertive communicates with directness but is not disrespectful of the other persons’ opinions. This is a necessary style in communication that will help you pass information clearly while avoiding conflicts. This worksheet will give you tips in assertive communication that will help you relate with other people well.

How will the Assertive communication worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you communicate with other people in a direct manner without hurting their feelings. It also reduces conflict by validating other people’s opinions even when you disagree with them. The worksheet will also build your self-confidence and enhance positive relationships in your life.

Instructions on how to use the Assertive communication worksheet

Read the following tips on assertive communication to learn how you can improve your communication skills.

You can download this worksheet here.


We have provided you with an assertive communication worksheet that we hope will help communicate more effectively and reduce conflicts in your career, social and family life.

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