Art Therapy Worksheets: Managing Emotions by Art Therapy Version 2

On this page, we will provide you with an art therapy worksheet: managing emotions through art therapy that will help your clients manage emotions better.

What is the Art Therapy worksheet: Managing Emotions by Art therapy about?

Art therapy is a distinct therapeutic process that incorporated the use of visual art to express feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Some of the most common art forms include drawing, coloring, collage, sculpting, and painting. The information from these art forms is then decoded by an accredited art therapist to identify the messages or signals in the art exercise.

On this worksheet, we shall look at how you can use art to manage your emotions.

How will the Art Therapy worksheet: Managing Emotions by Art therapy help?

This art therapy worksheet will help you manage intense, negative, or disturbing emotions and feelings healthily. To do so, you will use an emotions wheel to manage different emotions through creative coloring. Coloring is a mindful activity that can help you refocus your thoughts from the damaging effects of intense emotions into the present moment.

Instructions on how to use the Art Therapy worksheet: Managing Emotions by Art Therapy

To use this worksheet, you will need a set of color pencils, watercolors or crayons, a pen, or a pencil.

Partition the circle according to the number of emotions you are experiencing

  • In each segment, show the emotion you are experiencing
  • Use your creativity to color the inside of each segment.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an Art Therapy worksheet: Managing Emotions by Art therapy that we hope helped you express your feelings through art.

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