Anxiety Thermometer worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with an Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet that will help you gauge the intensity of anxiety.

What is an Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet About?

Anxiety is a feeling of persistent and excessive fear, worry and dread. In most cases, anxiety‌ is mild or moderate and thus relatively easy to handle. In other cases, anxiety can be severe and can impair normal function by affecting social life, professional life, and physical health. It is, therefore, important to understand the intensity of anxiety, since this knowledge will prove vital when selecting an effective technique to help you restore calm. On this worksheet, we will provide you with an Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet that will help you to estimate the intensity of your anxiety.

How will an Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet Help?

An anxiety thermometer works like a scale to help you gauge the severity of anxiety. It will help you to know whether you are suffering from mild, moderate or extreme anxiety. Understanding the severity of anxiety places you in a better position to know what technique to use to restore a state of calm.

Instructions on how to use the Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet.

Read the guide and examples given on the worksheet to help you interpret the information provided on the anxiety thermometer diagram and gauge the severity of your anxiety symptoms.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an Anxiety Thermometer Worksheet. We hope it assists you in understanding the intensity of your anxiety level.

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