Anxiety provoking situations worksheet

On this page, we will provide you with an Anxiety provoking Situations Worksheet that will help you to identify anxiety triggering situations so that you can avoid them or deal with them head-on.

What is an Anxiety Provoking Situation Worksheet about?

When going about our daily activities, there are chances that we might be faced with anxiety-provoking situations. They might be our phobias, people we fear or irrational thoughts attached to an object or person that causes fear. It is, therefore, important for one to know what type of situations can trigger anxiety in them so that they can avoid them or even better, face their fears and deal with them head-on. It is for this purpose, we have created this worksheet.

How will an Anxiety Provoking Situation Worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you gain awareness of the situations that can trigger anxiety in a person. As a result, you will be armed with the necessary information to help choose the next course of action to manage your anxiety.

Instructions on how to use the Anxiety Provoking Situations Worksheet

Read through the list of anxiety-provoking situations and tick the ones you can relate to.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an Anxiety provoking Situations Worksheet that we hope helped you to gain an in-depth understanding of the situations that trigger your anxiety.

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