Anger Triggers worksheet

On this page, we provide you with an Anger triggers worksheet that will help you to explore what makes you angry.

What is an Anger Triggers Worksheet about?

Anger does not come out of anywhere, it has an onset that is caused by a situation, emotion or activity. Therefore, one cannot learn how to manage his or her anger without understanding the activating events also known as triggers that cause anger. Triggers vary from one person to another. It is, therefore, wise to explore your triggers with the aid of this worksheet.

How will an Anger Triggers Worksheet help?

An Anger Trigger Worksheet will help you to understand the activating events that result in anger. While it is considered healthy to express anger, in-depth knowledge of our triggers can help us to avoid behaving dangerously.

Instruction on how to use an Anger Triggers Worksheet

Read the instructions provided to help you explore your triggers.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an Anger Triggers worksheet that we hope will help you learn more about your triggers.    

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