All About me worksheet

On this page, we provided you with an all about me worksheet that will help to explore more about yourself.

What is an All About me Worksheet about?

As individuals, we have different characteristics and qualities. Some are similar to those of others while some are unique. This worksheet will help you to explore more on your identity and the qualities you possess and thus, gain a comprehensive understanding of yourself.

How does an All about me Worksheet help?

An All about me worksheets brings to your awareness the various values you possess, your identity and helps you to realize your valued goals and aspirations. This worksheet can also be used as a great ice breaker to introduce yourself in class or among friends.

Instructions on how to use the All About me Worksheet

To make use of this worksheet, fill in the information required in the spaces provided below. 

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an all about me worksheet that hopefully assisted you to explore further the qualities you possess.

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