ADHD Worksheets for kids

On this page, we provide you with an ADHD worksheet for kids that will help you establish self-control and make plans for their day.

What is an ADHD Worksheet for kids about?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder commonly found in children and can result in us feeling; restless, impulsive, and unable to concentrate in class or at home. Such behaviour can result in incomplete tasks and poor grades. This worksheet will help you ‌identify the important tasks of the day and prioritise them so that you can go about them with effortlessly.

How will the ADHD Worksheet for children help?

The ADHD worksheet for children will help your child  prioritise the most important tasks both at home and school and identify important places to practise self-restraint, so they can make the most out of important moments.

Instructions on how to use the ADHD Worksheet for Kids

To use this worksheet:

List the activities planned for the day. Begin with the most important at the top and finish with the least important.

Also note there are places your child should learn to practise restrain, e.g. an important class. Have them list them below the to-do list.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this worksheet, we provided you with an ADHD worksheet for kids that hopefully help you to develop self-control.

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