ADHD Worksheets for kids version 2

On this page, we will provide you with an ADHD Worksheet for kids that will help you to practice self-control over impulsive thoughts and behaviors.

What is an ADHD worksheet for Kids About?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) can make us feel restless, impulsive, and unable to concentrate in class or at home. As a result, we are unable to finish our tasks in time and effectively. This worksheet will help you challenge your impulsive thoughts and finally develop self-restraint. This will assist you to make the most of your time.

How will the ADHD Worksheet for kids help?

This worksheet contains an exercise that will help you note down any impulsive thoughts, challenge them, and figure out what is the best course of action for you to take. Remember to use this worksheet consistently to develop your self-control.

Instructions on how to use the ADHD Worksheet for Kids

To use this worksheet;

  • read through the instructions provided on each step 
  • record your responses in the table below.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provide you with an ADHD worksheet for kids that hopefully helped you to develop self-restraint.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


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