ABC worksheet for PTSD

On this page, we will provide you with an A-B-C worksheet for PTSD which will help you identify PTSD triggers, beliefs and behavioral consequences.

What is an A-B-C worksheet for PTSD about?

What is PTSD

It is a severe mental illness that begins when one witnesses or is directly or indirectly exposed to traumatic stimuli. As a result, the individual may experience the following symptoms; nightmares, flashbacks, distress or intrusive thoughts. 

This worksheet will help you cope with such symptoms by establishing the stimulus that activates the symptoms and beliefs that sustain them. This information will also help you and your therapist identify the best treatment method for you.

How will the A-B-C worksheet for PTSD help?

This worksheet will help gain insight on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This includes; the activating factors (your triggers), your beliefs as a result of the traumatic event and the consequences of your behavior. Understanding the mentioned factors will help you learn how to manage triggers and stop PTSD intrusive thoughts and irrational beliefs.

Instructions on how to use the A-B-C worksheet for PTSD

To use the worksheet, fill in the three columns, 

  • the Activating event or trigger, 
  • the Behavior caused by the trigger 
  • the Consequences (how the triggered events affect you, both in terms of behavior and emotions) 

This information will help you gain more insight into your PTSD.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with an A-B-C Worksheet for PTSD which hopefully provided you with insight on how to deal with PTSD.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


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