A Resilience Fortune teller worksheet

The following page will provide you with a resilience fortune teller worksheet that will help you better manage disappointing situations and try again.

What is a Resilience fortune teller Worksheet?

A resilience fortune teller worksheet is an art therapy worksheet containing a list of statements or affirmations that will help you develop a stronger resilience toward adversities by understanding yourself and what you believe in.

How will a Resilience fortune teller worksheet help?

A resilience fortune teller will arm you with a list of 8 motivational statements crafted by you. These statements will equip you with the resources and skills to deal with adversity and disappointment and help you bounce back.

Instruction on how to use a Resilience fortune teller worksheet

To create a fortune teller worksheet, fold a piece of paper into eight corners as illustrated in the worksheet and write eight motivating statements on each side to use when in disappointing situations.

You can download this worksheet here.


On this page, we provided you with a resilience fortune teller worksheet that will hopefully assist you in developing a strong sense of resilience.

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